Looking for some dumbbells anywhere between 20 and 50 pounds
Hi, I will move house at the end of the July and I need free boxes so that can pack my stuffs. Could you reply if anyone has extra boxes?? Thanks.
Hello, My partner and I are hoping to do a weekend canoe trip, and we are searching for two canoe paddles. Thanks!
looking for vintage built-in metal medicine cabinet with mirror. OK if it needs some sprucing up.
Looking for a bed for a low-income friend who has very limited space. Hoping for a sturdy camping cot or one of those foam chairs that folds out into a bed. Anyone?
I need about 6 ft. of fiberglass insulation to insulate window cavity after removal of window weights - 2 x 4 walls (R19?). Let me help you clean out your garage/crawl space.
last weekBellevue, WA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I m a teacher in Bellevue and for a decoration motif, I m planing on doing Road Trip . I d like to collect as many unique state plates as possible for decoration. If you have them to donate, I would be grateful and so would the students.
Looking for rubber matting for running board. Just enough for one side. 1929 cpe
Does anyone have any indoor laundry drying supplies (collapsible racks, mobiles) they don't use? I'd love to take them off your hands!
days agoLynnwood, WA+14 milesItems Wanted
I have a recirculating-type heater. It's currently removed but before I put it back in I'd like to find a cover for the big hole in the firewall. Mine doesn't stick through that hole and it looks unsightly. This doesn't appear to be a part I can order online anywhere. I know I can make one from simple sheet steel, but I don't trust myself to make a completely round cut, I'd rather have the fact...
Hi all! Looking for a dining table and chairs that someone might be wanting to have taken off their hands. If it needs a little TLC, that's okay! I am a recent graduate and do not have much extra cash to spare for furniture, but do have some time and elbow grease. Thank you :)
I'm looking for a chest freezer if any one has one please let me know I will gladly take it off your hands. I'm looking for one in good working condition my name is Cassandra
Looking for a bike for my son 26" or similar. I can fix it if it needs fix